Excerpts from Mayor's Message to City Council (May 25, 1931)

Frank Edwards, Mayor

May 25, 1931

To the Honorable City Council of the City of Seattle:

Gentlemen: Pursuant to the provisions of the City Charter I submit herewith to your honorable Body a statement of the condition and affairs of the City of Seattle:

...There exists in our City today a serious situation. Seattle has more unemployment than usual. In accordance with the census recently completed by the United State Government the unemployment in Seattle is about three times what it was a year previous. In addition to this situation, our citizens are burdened with a tax rate that I consider much too high.

...Communists seek to embarrass and even destroy government and its institutions. If you are willing to work to the best interest of our citizens, whom we have the honor to represent, I recommend that the legislative and executive departments join hands in a most serious effort to provide decent and proper relief of the unemployed by pushing forward such municipal work as will require the maximum of labor.

I wish to emphasize the following recommendations: 1. That the unemployment problem be given immediate and serious consideration. At budget making time I shall submit a plan for your approval.

At this particular time, I wish to publicly acknowledge my appreciation of the splendid cooperation of the City employes[sic] when they responded to my call last winter for funds to aid the Star Sunshine Club. If it were not for the fact that the City employes[sic], in answer to my call, raised more than $10,000 in cash, the Star Sunshine Club would have been only a dream.

In addition to this, the City employes[sic] contributed very generously to the Community Fund, besides carrying on many department activities for the relief of the need.

...Again, assuring you of my sincerity and desire to cooperate with you in the best interest of our city, and trusting that I may be accorded the same from your Honorable Body, which has today reorganized for another year, for the purpose of helping to solve our many serious municipal problems.

Sincerely yours,
Frank Edwards, Mayor (signed)


Citation: Mayor's Message to City Council, May 25, 1931. CF 131528. Box 9, Folder 3. Mayor's Messages, 1802-C2. Seattle Municipal Archives.