Seattle Municipal Archives-GLBTQ Guide

Guide to resources on the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Community

Mayoral and Councilmember Records

Councilmember Jeanette Williams Subject Files, Record Series  4693-02  Boxes 54-58
Councilmember Williams was active in civil rights issues throughout her long career on City Council. Of note is her work on amendments to the open housing legislation in 1984-1985.

Councilmember Susan Donaldson Subject Files, Record Series 4623-02 Boxes 67, 69, 71 and 84.
Gay and Lesbian issues, including adoptive rights, 1990-1997.

Councilmember  Charlie Chong Subject Files, Record Series 4619-02  Boxes 12 and 25
Gay and lesbian issues, 1997.

Councilmember Sherry Harris Subject Files,  Record Series 4633-02  Box 2
Councilmember Harris' records contain information on domestic partnership legislation, 1987-1994.

Councilmember Margaret Pageler Subject Files, Record Series 4667-02, Boxes 7, 11, 52, 69
Includes a folder relating to the police department, the AIDS Walk, the Gay Pride parade, and records relating to the Commission.

Councilmember Jane Noland Subject Files, Record Series 4663-02, Boxes 28, 89, 114, 115
Gay and lesbian issues, including budget related, 1989-1997.

Councilmember Judy Nicastro Subject Files, Record Series 4661-02 Box 32
Councilmember Nicastro's records include information on Gay City Health Project and Lambert House, 2000-2002.

Legislative Department Central Staff Analysts' Working Files, Record Series 4603-01 Boxes 47, 61, 101
Gay and Lesbian Youth, 1988-1992

Records of the Office of the Mayor, Record Series 5210-01 Boxes 70-71
Correspondence of Mayor J. D. Braman with Police Department, 1966.

Mayor Charles Royer Departmental Correspondence, Record Series 5274-0s, Boxes 29, 33, 36, 28, 40.
Interdepartmental correspondence primarily with the Gay and Lesbian Task Force,  1985-1989.

Mayor Charles Royer Subject Correspondence, Record Series  5274-02, Boxes  5, 8, 12, 18, 22, 26, 29, 30, 33, 36, 38, 40 and 50.
Constituent mail regarding gay rights and correspondence  with Gay and Lesbian Task Force, 1978-1989.

Mayor Charles Royer Legal Correspondence, Record Series 5274-03, Boxes 6 and 12.
Correspondence regarding gay community issues, Initiative 13 and Gay Pride Parade, 1971-1988.

Mayor Wes Uhlman Subject Files, Record Series, 5287-02, Boxes 61-64.
Extensive correspondence regarding Gay Pride parade and on gay rights, 1975-1977.

Mayor Norm Rice Departmental Correspondence, Record Series 5272-01, Boxes 10-11, 26, 36,  45, 56, 66, 76, 82, 94, 103, 113,  135
Correspondence between Mayor and Office of Women's Rights,  Gay and Lesbian Commission, and constituent mail, regarding discrimination and other issues, 1990-1994.

Mayor Paul Schell Departmental Correspondence, Record Series 5279-01, Boxes 22, 63 and 139.
Correspondence on gay and lesbian issues, 1998-2001.

Mayor Greg Nickels Subject Correspondence, Record Series 5259-01, Boxes 10, 31, 48,72, 100, 131, 157, and  175
Constituent and departmental  correspondence on gay and lesbian issues, 2002-2009.

Published documents
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  • Reports, surveys, and resources from the Office of Women's Rights   1988-2006
  • Reports from the Mayor's Lesbian/Gay Task Force, 1988
  • Reports from the Commission on Sexual Minorities, 1991-1995 

Office of Women's  Rights, Record Series 8401-01, Boxes 8, 10, 12.
Correspondence and other records relating to issues of concern to the Office, including the gay and lesbian community, AIDS, domestic partnerships, discrimination and bias/hate crimes, 1979-1992.

Seattle Commission for Lesbians and Gays, Record Group 8405.

The Seattle Commission for Lesbians and Gays was first established in 1985 as the Mayor's Lesbian/Gay Task Force. In 1989, the Task Force became a full city commission with 15 volunteer members. When the Office for Women's Rights was abolished in 1987, the Commission was absorbed into the new Office of Civil Rights, and its name was changed to the Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities. The Commission advises the Mayor, City Council and other City departments on issues of concern to sexual minorities. It also recommends policies and legislation in matters affecting the sexual minority community.

Records include:

  • Surveys, 1990-1991 (8405-01) designed to gauge discrimination against the gay/lesbian community.
  • Task Force Records, 1987-1991 (8405-02) including correspondence, reports and news clippings focusing primarily on domestic partnership legislation.
  • Minutes, 1990-1996 (8405-03). Agendas and minutes of the Commission.
  • Subject Files, 1984-1996 (8405-04).  Correspondence, research and news clippings related to the activities of the Commission. Topics include health issues, including AIDS, discrimination, domestic partnerships, and police issues.

See also Digital Document Library on Gay rights in the 1970s

Possible topics:  

  • Domestic partnership ordinance
  • Amendments to open housing legislation
  • AIDS related issues, ex. Housing
  • Youth GLBTQ issues
  • Gay Pride Parade
  • Hate crimes/Discrimination
  • Initiative 13