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United States Census

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Your involvement in the 2010 Census is critical to its overall success.  Without your participation in this effort we cannot be sure that everyone will be counted. 

Okay, how does participating in the Census benefit me and my neighbors?

  • Census data is used to determine the number of seats a state has in Congress.
  • Census data is used to determine the number of seats a county and/or city has in the Washington State Legislature.
  • Census data is used to drive funding for and delivery of more than 100 federal programs that use census population counts to determine their funding allocation.
    • Medicaid, WIC food grants, social services
    • Educational funding for schools, Adult basic education funding
    • Affordable housing funding, rental assistance
    • Transportation funding
    • Programs for seniors and people with disabilities

Clink on the one of the following links to see your how organization can help spread the word about the 2010 Census.

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Census at a Glance

Every 10 years, the Census counts everyone residing in the United States.

Census data is used to allocate more than $400 billion in federal funds each year.

The next Census count begins April 1, 2010.

The Census form has only 10 questions.

Your answers on the Census form are confidential and protected by law.

U.S. Census 2010 web site has additional information.

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