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$1.99 Charge for Comcast DTA boxes

A King 5 story highlighted customer frustration with Comcast's decision to charge a monthly $1.99 fee for a DTA box.  Comcast made this rate change effective July 1, 2013.  Click here for that rate change notice.

While there is little regulatory authority to restrict cable companies from making price increases, they are required to give customers 30-days advance notice.  Seattle customers should have been alerted to the DTA box fee change in June 2013. 

Rate change notices are either inserted with, or added as notes to customer billing statements.  It's important to read your bill each month to be sure you are aware of any upcoming rate changes.  In fact, Comcast has announced a price increase to Limited Basic cable service effective October 1st.

Comcast Statement on Recent Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

We've undertaken a review of our public facing systems to ensure our consumer websites are safe from the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability. We are not aware of any customer impact at this time. Customers should be vigilant, however, and it’s always a good idea to change passwords on a regular basis.


For more information or any concerns regarding your Comcast account, please contact Comcast at (800) 266-2278.

Comcast Discontinues Channels from Multi-Latino packages

Effective March 20, 2014, Comcast announced the following channels will no longer be available as part of their Multi-Latino packages:


Channel Name


  Canal 52 MX




  HTV Musica


  La Familia



No rate changes have been announced at this time.

Comcast Moves Channels

Comcast announced the following channel changes will be made for Seattle area customer effective December 10, 2013.


Channel Name

Channel (from)

NEW Channel #







  KOMO-This TV





































No rate changes have been announced at this time.

Comcast changes 'Limited Cable' to 'Limited Basic' and increases rate to $17.90  Effective Oct 1, 2013

Comcast announced it will rename its 'Limited Cable' TV service to 'Limited Basic' and increase the price from $16.35 to $17.90.  The changes are effective October 1, 2013.  No other price adjustments are being made. You can view Comcast's most current Products and Services Price List click here.

Limited Cable is the lowest level TV service tier, and provides customers with access to over 70 television channels (20 in HD) and 22 digital FM radio stations.  The channels include all local broadcast stations ( 4-KOMO, 5-KING, 7-KIRO, 9-KCTS, 10-KZJO, 11-KSTW, 13-KCPQ) plus all government, educational and public access and many other channels.  It's a great, low cost cable TV option for many households. Click here to see a detailed channel listing for the Limited Basic TV service.

If you have questions on this current rate change or how it will impact your cable bill, contact Comcast at (800) 266-2278 or on-line at Comcast Customer Central.

WAVE Channel Changes Coming June 25, 2013

~ ALERT if you have a non-digital television~

WAVE is converting nine (9) channels on their Local Broadcast service tier to a digital signal. After the change, non-digital televisions (typically those sold before 2007) will no longer be able to view the channels without having digital to analog convertor equipment.

For existing customers with televisions needing a digital to analog convertor, WAVE will offer a free equipment option. Contact WAVE for more information at 1-866-928-3123 .

WAVE has also announced the addition of 10 new High Definition (HD) channels starting in late June. This chart provides a detailed listing of the channels being changed or added. 

Comcast XF Triple Play Bundles Rate Increase - February 1, 2013

Comcast has announced a $5.00 rate increase on its XF Triple Play packages.  They have also announced that four of their HD Triple Play packages will no longer be available to new subscribers.   For a listing of the service packages impacted by these changes, click here

Ultra High-Speed Broadband Network Project for Seattle

The City of Seattle and broadband developer Gigabit Squared (GB2) reached an agreement to develop and operate an ultra high-speed fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-business broadband network.  The plan begins with demonstration fiber projects in 12 Seattle neighborhoods and includes wireless methods to deploy services more quickly to other areas in the city (look here for a map of the 12 initial neighborhoods).  GB2 has a vigorous building plan, with a goal of beginning services in some demonstration areas in the Fall of this year (2013).

For more information on this and other City’s broadband initiatives, visit SeaFi Initiative Homepage.

Comcast Digital Transition Alert

With the digital transition has come reports of some lost functionality, especially with ability to use VCR devices for recording programing.  The  below chart lists information addressing the common questions /concerns received by our office:




With a Digital TV

= (QAM Tuner TV)


With a Non-Digital TV

Channels (including HD channels) Limited Basic customers got before conversion?


All analog and standard and local HD digital channels available under the Limited Basic (LB) package


All analog channels available under Limited Basic package, unless they had our standard digital or HD  box to view additional digital/HD channels available under the LB package

Channels Limited Basic customers no longer get after conversion?


No change – however HD channels will be lost once Comcast encrypts, as allowed by recent FCC order.


DTA Box: Allows viewing of prior analog and standard digital channels.

NOTE: To receive local HD channels, LB customers need a HD box

Impact of conversion on receiving local stations in HD


No impact, until Comcast encrypts all channels as allowed by recent FCC order.


To receive local HD channels, LB customers need a HD box

Impact on using VCR/DVR devices for recording programming



No Change unless want to record programs on multiple channels.


VCR = watch what you record

Non-Comcast Cable Card

DVR = No change

Non-Comcast DVR = Watch what you record


Using VCR/DVR to record programs on multiple channels/times

Unavailable. Must by on channel that is being recorded.


Unavailable. Must be on channel that is being recorded.


Using VCR/DVR to record program on channel different that one being watched

Unavailable. Must by on channel that is being recorded.


Unavailable. Must by on channel that is being recorded.

How can a subscriber surf only channels of Limited Basic tier and avoid having to move through all other ‘blank’ channels?


Customer needs to use TV’s Favorites option


N/A if they have a Comcast issued DTA.


Who was impacted by Digital Conversion?

Anyone with an older television who subscribed to Comcast’s Limited Basic cable service. 

The change results from Comcast making a final switch to having all digital signals, which means converting all remaining analog channels to digital format. The change means older (non-digital) televisions will no longer be able to view some cable channels (roughly channels 2-30, 72-79, and 95-99) without having a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA). 

In the Seattle area, this digital transition happened in three phases:

1. Greenlake area was converted to fully digital on September 25th.

2. West Seattle, Downtown, Georgetown and South Seattle were converted to fully digital on October 30th.

3. Remainder of Seattle areas converted on January 22, 2013

For customers with televisions needing a digital adapter, Comcast had a 5-month period of offering up to three (3) digital adaptors at no additional monthly cost (30 days before the encryption, and 120 days afterward). This no-cost offer has now expired in the Seattle area, but Comcast will still provide reduced-cost DTAs for Limited Basic customers. To request equipment from Comcast, call 1-877-634-4434.

For more detailed information on this digital transition, visit Comcast’s overview of the effort, or contact the City’s Office of Cable Communications at (206) 684-8498.

Comcast Converting to all Digital in Seattle Area

Comcast is making a final switch to having all digital signals, which means converting all remaining analog channels to digital format.  After the change, older (non-digital) televisions will no longer be able to view some cable channels (roughly channels 2-30, 72-79, and 95-99) without having a Digital Transport Adapter

For customers with televisions needing a digital adapter, Comcast will provide up to three (3) digital adaptors at no additional monthly cost.  To get the equipment, you need to contact them by visiting or calling 1-877-634-4434.

For more detailed information on this transition, visit Comcast’s overview, or contact the City’s Office of Cable Communications at (206) 684-8498. 

Comcast Limited Basic Cable Rate Increase - October 1, 2012

Comcast has announced a rate increase for its Limited Basic Cable service.  Effective October 1, 2012, the new rate for Limited Basic will be $16.35, increasing from $15.03. 

Broadstripe customers with Internet Only service: Check your account with Wave!

Under Broadstripe's service packages, customers who only wanted Internet service were automatically coded to receive limited basic cable television service as well, at no additional cost.  However, under Wave's account structure, an Internet only service option is available and it is not packaged with limited basic cable television service. 

During the account transition from Broadstripe to Wave, this has resulted in some Broadstripe customers - who only use the Internet service - now also being charged for limited basic cable television service or a "Seattle TV Station Fee".

If you fall into this category and do not want or use the basic cable television service packaged into your orignal Broadstripe account, contact Wave customer service at (800) 829-2225 and be sure your account is updated to reflect the Internet only service. 

Broadstripe to WAVE Transition - July 17, 2012 Signal and Channel Changes

Effective July 17, 2012, WAVE Broadband will begin providing services to Seattle Broadstripe customers under the name of WAVE.  The name change is timed to match an upgrade in video services with the addition of over 60 new channels, including 30 which are high-definition (HD).

The additional channels are being added by converting some analog channels to a digital version. This change will require customers to have a digital receiver or converter to view the following channels:

KCTS-Plus, ESPN Classic, UWTV2, TVW, National Geographic, Cooking Channel, GSN, NWCN, and OWN

There will also be the following changes in channel numbers:

KCTS V-me:          Channel 711 changes to 88

KCTS Create TV:   Channel 712 to 89

Live Well:              Channel 253 to 90

RTV:                     Channel 724 to 93

HBO Latino:           Channel 432 to 408

For additional information on any of these upcoming changes, please contact Broadstripe/Wave at (800) 829-2225.

Comcast Announces Channel Additions and Moves

Comcast will make the following channel changes for Seattle area customers:

Effective June 15, 2012

CH 90 (KFFV-Untamed Sports) will be added to the Digital Limited Cable Package.

Effective June 26, 2012

CH 427 (The Sportmans Channel) and CH 428 (Outside Television) will be added to the Sports Entertainment Package. 

CH 482 (Gospel Music Channel) will be moved from the Digital Preferred Package to the Digital Starter Package.

No rate changes have been announced at this time.

WAVE/Broadstripe new "Seattle TV Station Fee"

Effective April 1, 2012, Broadstripe customers will see a new $3.05 charge on their monthly bill called "Seattle TV Station Fee". The charge is Broadstripe's method for recovering increased costs due to retransmission consent fees (RTC) they have to pay to local television stations in order to carry their broadcast signals. 

In the past cable companies might have covered these costs with basic rate increases. However, many companies are now choosing to list the cost as a separate billing line item, to give customers visibility on the nature of the increased costs. 

For more information on the growing dispute over retransmission consent fees, see this May 2011 article Retransmission consent fees: Broadcasters want more from everyone.

WAVE Broadband purchases Broadstripe's Seattle Franchise
The bankruptcy of Broadstripe LLC resulted in a request to transfer their Seattle Cable Franchise to WAVE Broadband, based in Kirkland, WA.  On November 21, 2011, the City Council approved and Mayor McGinn signed legislation authorizing the transfer of Broadstripe's Seattle cable franchise to WAVE.  The legislation is Ordinance 123741, and was effective on December 21, 2011.

Seattle has new Public Access Television Manager

Seattle Community College District VI (SCCD) is the new designated access manager for Seattle public access television.  On July 1, 2011, the SCCD begins broadcast of the public access television signal [channels Comcast 77 and Broadstripe 23].  They will also conduct all related public access television services.  For more information, see the Public Access Television page.

Results of 2009 Residential Technology Survey
This one-thousand household survey provides new data and looks at trends since our initial residential survey in 2000. The 2009 survey also focused on residents' cable television use and needs. The survey and indicators project were developed from community defined goals for a technology healthy city.

Comcast Franchise Renewal
A 10 year renewed cable franchise agreement was approved by the City Council on May 1, 2006.

Report of the Task Force on Telecommunications Innovation; How the City of Seattle Can Promote Development of an Advanced Communications Network

Subscribe to the National Do-Not-Call List
As a result of federal regulations, you may place your name on a list that will prevent telemarketers from calling you or face a stiff penalty. You can register now, either by calling 1-888-382-1222 or on-line at  If you call, you must call from the number you want removed.  The registration is good for five years, and is renewable after that.

The new regulations do permit a few categories of callers.  Charities, polls, and political calls will be permitted.  In addition, you may still be called by a company with which you have conducted business in the past 18 months, although you can opt out of those calls by requesting to be removed when they call you.


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