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Franchise Transfer Broadstripe/WAVE Broadband


The bankruptcy of Broadstripe resulted in a request to transfer their Seattle Cable Franchise to WAVE Broadband.  On Monday, November 21, 2011, the City Council approved and Mayor McGinn signed legislation authorizing the transfer of Broadstripe's Seattle cable franchise to WAVE.  The legislation is Ordinance 123741, and was effective on December 21, 2011.

Questions regarding the transfer process can be directed to The Office of Cable Communications at (206) 684-8498 or submitted via our on-line comment form.

News and documents related to this Cable Franchise transfer request will be posted below as they become available. 


Latest News

January 2013:  WaveDivision Holdings (parent company of Wave Broadband) completed a $50 million acquisition of Black Rock Cable.  Black Rock Cable is a Bellingham, WA company providing high-capacity fiber optic connectivity services in Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish counties.  Wave will connect its network to Black Rock’s 800+ miles of fiber infrastructure, adding to Wave’s existing high-capacity business and enabling better services for both new and existing customers.



Wave Completes $50 M Black Rock Cable Acquisition

Effective July 17, 2012, WAVE Broadband begins providing services to Seattle Broadstripe customers under the name of WAVE. 
Wave Broadband and WOW! Acquire Broadstripe Cable Systems
Full text of Ordinance 123741 which authorizes the transfer of control, subject to conditions, of Broadstripe's Seattle cable franchise to Wave Broadband.
Watch 11/21/2011 Full Council Meeting for vote to approve C.B. 117306 Broadstripe to Wave transfer.
Watch 11/9/2011 Public Hearing on Broadstripe to Wave transfer.
Watch 11/7/2011 Council briefing on Broadstripe to Wave transfer.
Citizens' Telecommunications & Technology Advisory Board Citizens’ Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB) - October 2011 Minutes .  Wave Broadband presentation to CTTAB
Watch 10/3/2011 Initial Council briefing on Broadstripe to Wave transfer.
 Watch 9/22/2011 initial briefing on Broadstripe to Wave transfer to City Council's Energy, Technology, and Civil Rights (ETCR) Committee.

Wave Broadband acquires Broadstripe, cable service changes for local customers

Wave Broadband and WOW Split Up Broadstripe: Communications Technology

Wave, Wow! to acquire Broadstripe



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