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Cable Franchise Boundaries MAP (click here to view PDF of map)

note: this map reflects existing franchise (service) areas for Comcast and Wave. Comcast and Wave may change to a city-wide service area upon renewal of their existing franchises. CenturyLink has a city-wide service area as part of its new franchise agreement. 

Comcast is the City's largest cable operator serving approximately 150,000 Seattle subscribers with cable television, telephony and high-speed Internet service. Comcast service is available in most of Seattle except for the Central Area Franchise District. To contact Comcast customer service call toll free (800) 266-2278 (1-800-COMCAST).


  • Comcast Franchise Agreement (2006)
  • Comcast Audit Report (2009)
  • Comcast Technical Review (2008)
  • Payment Centers
  • Comcast Services and Pricing List - April 2015
  • Comcast Channel Lineup (by Service Level)- 2015
  • Comcast website

  • *    

    Wave* serves approximately 8,000 Seattle cable subscribers with cable television and Internet service and is the sole cable operator in the Central Area Franchise District. Wave also serves the Downtown and parts of Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill and Queen Anne. To contact Wave's customer service call toll free (866) 928-3123.


  • Franchise Transfer from Broadstripe to Wave (2012)
  • Broadstripe (Millennium) Franchise Agreement (2007) #
  • Broadstripe Audit Report (2008)
  • Broadstripe Technical Review [Executive Summary] (2009)
  • Broadstripe Inspection & Corrective Action Agreement (2010)
  • Payment Centers
  • Wave Services and Pricing List - December 2014
  • Wave Channel Lineup (by Service Level) - December 2014
  • Wave website

    * Effective January 2012, Broadstripe's Seattle franchise was purchased by Wave Broadband

    #  Wave operates under this Franchise Agreement


    CenturyLink is the City's newest cable operator and is in the earliest stage of offering its PRISM TV service and gaining subscribers, all starting in August 2015.  Prior to entering the cable TV market, CenturyLink was offering high-speed Internet service and telephone service throughout Seattle. CenturyLink service is currently available in 14 Seattle neighorhoods and availablity to your area can be checked here To contact CenturyLink customer service call toll free (800) 244-1111.

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