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Cable Franchise Renewals: Comcast and Wave Broadband






Seattle's cable franchise renewal periods with Comcast and Wave are underway...


A proposed renewed franchise agreement with Comcast has been submitted to the City Council for approval.

  • Written comments on the proposed ordinance will be accepted until 5:00 pm, on November 30, 2015
  • Attend the next meeting of the Council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee on December 2, 2015 at 2:00pm.


We're collecting your input on the Wave franchise renewal. Share your experience with the delivery of cable service Wave A proposed renewed franchise agreement with Comcast has been submitted to the City Council for approval..

Public Events

Comcast Franchise: The City Council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee will be reviewing the Comcast legislation on December 2, 2015 at 2:00pm.

Meetings are held at Seattle City Hall (600 Fourth Ave. 2nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98104) and are open to the public.

Meetings can also be watched live on the Seattle Channel (Channel 21) and via the Seattle Channel website at


Report on the Evolution of Cable Industry Technology

As part of the franchise renewal process, the City commissioned an engineering report on the State of the Art and Evolution of Cable Television and Broadband Technology.

Why is this report important?  A new cable franchise will have a 10-year term. This report provides the City and its residents with a glimpse into how the cable industry is changing in the world of all-digital and IP based signal delivery. This is important to understand when thinking of how community cable-related needs and interests might be supported by Comcast into the future.

A presentation on the report findings was made to the CTTAB (Citizens’ Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board) on October 8, 2013.  A video of the presentation is available on the Seattle Channel website:


What is a Cable Franchise?

In order to provide their services, cable companies have to use the public rights-of-way (ROW) to install their cable equipment and facilities throughout the city. A cable franchise is the formal agreement between the City and a cable provider outlining the terms and conditions under which it can use the public ROW. The franchise imposes various obligations on the cable company including compensating the City for use of the ROW, protecting the rights and interests of Seattle residents and cable subscribers, and providing certain public benefits.

Cable Franchise Agreements with City of Seattle:


Comcast - the nation's largest cable television provider - is currently the primary source of cable television services in Seattle, serving approximately 145,000 subscribers. They currently operate in Seattle under a franchise agreement effective since January 2006.  The agreement allows Comcast to use the City's ROW in return for the payment of certain rental fees - known as franchise fees - and other benefits for Seattle and its residents.

Wave is a small, regional cable operator, serving approximately 8,500 cable TV subscribers in central parts of Seattle, along with some areas around Eastlake and western Queen Anne. A map showing Comcast and Wave's current franchise areas is here:  Seattle Cable Franchise Map (Comcast/Wave). Wave currently operates under a franchise agreement effective since November 2007. Like the franchise agreement with Comcast, Wave's frachise allows the company to use the City's ROW in return for the payment of rental fees (called 'franchise fees') and other benefits for Seattle and its residents.

Length of Cable Franchise Agreements

Franchise agreements in Seattle are adopted for terms of 10 years. Comcast's current franchise expires January 20, 2016.  Wave's current franchise expires November 11, 2017.

How Renewal Works:

The franchise renewal process is governed by federal law (Section 626 of Cable Act, 47 CFR 546). 

It occurs over the three (3) year period before a franchise expires. This period is designed to provide the City with sufficient time to:

  • Evaluate the extent to which the cable operator has complied with its legal and franchise obligations during the term of the franchise;
  • Determine the future cable-related needs and interests its residents (called "ascertainment"); and
  • Negotiate with the cable provider on the conditions of any renewed franchise agreement, including cable-related benefits to help meet the needs identified during the ascertainment process.

What City Negotiators CAN do:

  • Conduct an ascertainment process to determine community needs and interests. Under the existing franchise, for example, the City received potential use of up to 16 cable channels for the carriage of local, non commericla programming.  It also secured free cable service to city buildings and schools.

  • Identify circumstances where the cable operator has failed to live up to its obligations.

  • Deny the renewal, but only after a lengthy, formal process to determine if the cable operator has failed to meet certain criteria.

  • Hold Comcast accountable for certain customer-service aspects of cable-modem service under a "bill of rights" adopted by city ordinance. See Cable Customer Bill of Rights.

What City Negotiators CANNOT do:

  • Control prices and what Comcast charges customers for cable modems or cable TV, with the limited exception of the price for the Limited Basic TV package.

  • Control what commercial channels Comcast makes available, although the City can require certain categories of programming.

  • Make demands about cable-modem (Internet) service because, technically, it's not part of the franchise.

We Want To Hear From You!

Your input is important.  It helps inform our franchise negotiations and efforts to protect the rights and interests of Seattle residents and cable subscribers.  Several methods will be used to collect community input during the renewal process:

          • a telephone survey of Seattle residents;
          • an on-line survey;
          • on-line comment forms and calls to the Cable Line; and
          • community meetings.

The on-line survey period (for Comcast) ran from February-May 2014. The telephone survey period was May-June 2014. If you participated in either of these surveys, thank you for the taking the time to help inform our renewal process!

The surveys related to Wave's franchise renewal will begin in 2016.


Contact Us:

You can contact us electronically using our on-line Renewal Comments Form , or by calling the Cable Line at (206) 684-8498.

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Cable Renewal Law - 47 USC 546


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