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How Do I Get the Cable Company to Help Me?

Another major component of the Cable Customer Bill of Rights is procedures for your cable company's handling your calls. In addition to courteous service, under the Bill of Rights you are also entitled to a rapid response (all questions or complaints must be answered within 15 days). If you do not agree with the response, or do not hear from your cable company within 15 days, please get in touch with us, your City of Seattle Office of Cable Communications. You can call our Cable Hotline at 206-684-8498 or 206-386-1989 weekdays or e-mail us at To help ensure that your cable company can provide good service, please read the Tips for Getting Good Service listed below.

If you have a question or complaint, always try your cable company first.
While we know you may be frustrated, if you are courteous with the customer service representative, they'll be courteous to you.
Always get the name of the person who handles your call.
Make sure you give the customer service representative the name of the person on your bill - this will help them figure out who you are more easily. Please be aware, however, that your cable company is prohibited by Federal law from giving out account information to anyone but the account holder. It would be helpful then to have the account holder get in touch with your cable company, or to have more than one person listed on the account.
If you have a question or complaint, get in touch with your cable company as soon as possible.
If you are sending your complaint by mail, do not send it with your bill. Make sure you send it to the address listed at the top of the bill. Please do not sent it to the City. If you do send it to us, we'll forward it, but it takes time and may end up putting your account into arrears.
Be very specific about what it is you are asking about. If you have more than one question or complaint, it would be helpful to write them down so you can remember all your points when you talk to the cable company. It is also helpful if you can tell your cable company specific dates, times and duration when you may have had interrupted service, no show appointments, poor reception, etc.
Be specific about what it is you want the cable company to do. If you need service, ask for it. If you deserve a credit, tell them.
If you did not receive an answer to your question or complaint from the person who takes your call, ask to speak with a supervisor.
If you are still not satisfied, and if you are a Seattle resident, please get in touch with us with this comments form or through the Cableline at 206-684-8498.
Office of Cable Communications
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