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Take Our MDU Survey for Comcast's Seattle Franchise Renewal

Why? Apartment building owners, residents, condo association presidents and property managers are an important voice representing a large segment of Seattle cable customers.  As part of Comcast’s franchise renewal process, the City gathers input from key stakeholders on cable-related interests and needs.

By taking our short on-line survey you’ll be helping ensure the interests of condo/apartment/MDU types are represented in this Comcast renewal process. 

Survey closes August 22, 2014.  Take the survey today and share the link with others you know in the condo/apartment/MDU field.


Building Owners: Know Your Rights When Negotiating Long-Term Cable Service Contracts

Ken Fellman, nationally recognized expert in cable television franchising, transfers, renewals, and enforcement actions, speaks at our 2011 seminar "Know Your Rights When Negotiating Long-Term Cable Service Contracts." The event was designed to help owners of apartments and condominiums learn answers to questions like:

  • Who really owns the wiring in your building?
  • What happens when your current cable contract expires?
  • Do you have to sign a long-term cable service agreement?
  • Can you negotiate with the cable operator?
  • What are your rights?

Click here to watch the seminar or to view the presentation materials. Click here to listen to a podcast.

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