Seattle Municipal Code, Chapter 21.60

21.60.820        Customer service

21.60.820     Customer service.




               H. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

               The Cable Operator shall guarantee Customer satisfaction for every Customer who requests new installation of Cable Service, video, interactive television or Cable modem Internet or adds any additional programming service to the Customer's cable subscription. Any such Customer who adds expanded basic or other higher tier of video service, interactive television, or cable modem service to his or her account, and then requests discontinuation of such upgraded service within thirty (30) days due to dissatisfaction with the service shall receive a credit to his/her account in an amount equal to the pro rata charge for the remaining days of service following the request to disconnect. If a Customer subscribes to a service under a promotion that provides free service and chooses to disconnect during the promotion window, there shall be no charge of any kind for the service or for disconnection of the service.