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Doing Business with the City

City Policies and Programs

Blanket Contracts

Search for vendors that have current blanket contracts with the City for specific goods and services.

Equal Benefits

The Equal Benefits Program was established to ensure that businesses contracting with the City provide the same or equivalent benefits to employees with spouses and employees with domestic partners.

Protest Protocols

Respondents may protest certain contract solicitation, selection and award decisions.

Green Purchasing Program

Promotes environmental stewardship and reducing greenhouse gas emissions when buying goods, materials, services, and capital improvements.

Seattle Ethics Code

The City's Ethics Code sets standards of conduct for City officials, employees, and certain contractors when dealing with constituents and others. The Code is written to ensure that City business is conducted with integrity.

Background Checks

This is the City policy for contractors who have workers that need to undergo background checks to work on City facilities, systems or data. 

Business Events

Business Blog Posts