Appeal a taxi or for-hire violation

You have 10 days to appeal a fine issued by the City for a taxi or for-hire violation. You must submit your appeal in person. If you have questions about a violation or would like to schedule an appeal hearing, please contact us.

To appeal a violation, visit the Consumer Affairs Unit office. The office is located at 805 S. Dearborn St., which is at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Dearborn Street. From I-5, you can take the Dearborn Street exit to reach the office.

Fines for taxi and for-hire violations

Taxi and for-hire regulations and operating standards are enforced by City inspectors. Inspectors ride unannounced in taxis and for-hire vehicles to ensure that operating standards are met. If you have questions about driver or vehicle operating standards, please contact us.

All fines must be paid within 30 days of the issue date. Failure to pay could result in loss of license. This table lists Seattle fines for taxi and for-hire violations:

1st A $35 2
2nd A $70 3
3rd A $120 4
1st B $70 4
2nd B $175 7
3rd B $300 10
All C $1000 20