Planning and Development in Seattle

City Planning

Project planning and city initiative information, including a planning meeting event calendar.

Codes and Rules

Answers to common code questions, what codes DCI enforces, how to make a property or building complaint and how to check on complaint status, and code compliance contact information.

DCI Permits

Walk through the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections permit application process. Info on common permit projects, types of permits issued by DPD, and contact info if you need more help.

DCI Tools and Resources

Find permit & complaint status, zoning, or activity in your neighborhood. Use the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections Tools and Recources portal to find info about permits, payments, forms and publications, maps, zoning, public notices and records.


DPD GIS offers interactive maps using Seattle GIS data and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

Electrical Permits Online

The online system allows you to apply, pay for and self-issue certain types of electrical permits in real time when no plan review is required.

Green Building Permit Incentives

The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (DCI) will put your project ahead of others to help you meet the highest sustainability goals.

Parcel Data

Use this search tool to find parcel information, including a simple parcel map, for a selected parcel within the Seattle city limits.

Seattle's Population and Demographics

The City's Population and Demographics website provides population, housing and geographic data, reports, and other information for Seattle and its neighborhoods.