Meeting Materials

Meeting Materials

Asset Management Work Order System Briefing Paper

Baker Park Change in Hours Briefing Paper

Denny Park Off-Leash Area Briefing Paper

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Agendas and Minutes

2017 Agenda & Minutes

Agendas Minutes

1/12/2017 People, Dogs, Parks Strategic Plan  Discussion; Tree Inventory and Preventive Maintenance Update

1/26/2017 Lake Washington Aquatic Weed Management and Citywide Equitable Outreach and Engagement

2/9/2017 King County Land Conservation Initiative, Seattle Preschool Program, Preventative Maintenance Plan, and SPR Sharps Disposal Program

2/23/2017 John C. Little Award, SPR Work Plan, SPR 2016 Accomplishments

3/9/2017 Code of Conduct, Tree Trimming Policy Update, SPR Annual Report and Community Survey

3/23/2017 Public Hearing: Change in Hours for Kerry Park and Broadway Hill Park; Presentation on SPR Scholarships; Presentation on SPR Race and Social Justice Initiative

4/13/2017 Meeting Canceled

4/27/2017 Discussion: Retreat Summary and Next Steps; Board of Park Commissioners Role Discussion; SPR Partnerships Background and Update

5/11/2017 Charging Stations Discussion; Healthy Environment Action Agenda Preliminary Conversation; Park Board Operating Principles and Core Values Discussion

5/25/2017 Woodland Park Zoo Report; Update on 2017 Parks and Open Space Plan; Discussion on the Role of the Board/Strategic Issues

6/8/2017 Discussion on the Role of the Board/Strategic Issues; Public Hearing on 2017 Parks and Open Space Plan; Presentation and Discussion on Colman Park Restoration Project

6/22/2017 Discussion/Vote on 2017 Parks and Open Space Plan; Update on Colman Park Restoration Project; Discussion on the Board work plan

7/13/2017 Presentation/Discussion Solar Microgrid; Park Board Work Plan Discussion

8/10/2017 Briefing on Healthy Environment Action Agenda; Update on E/V Charging Stations; Presentation on Water Use and Conservation

9/14/2017 Briefing on Park District Funding; Update on Park Inspection Volunteer Program; Park Board Work Plan Discussion

9/28/2017 Update on Colman Park Restoration Project; Presentation on Recreation Facilities and Programming Strategic Plan 2018-2040

10/12/2017 Budget Update;and, Associated Recreation Council Briefing

10/26/2017 Update on additions to Code of Conduct; Discussion regarding E-Bikes on paved trails in Parks

12/14/2017 Capital Projects Update; Public Hearing on Baker Park Change in Hours; Update on Asset Management Work Order System; Update on Denny Park Off-Leash Area


















2016 Agendas & Minutes

Agendas Minutes



2/25/2016  John C. Little Award, RSJI Presentation and Discussion, and Off-Leash Area Plan Follow-Up Discussion

3/10/2016  Vision for the Future, Performance Management, and Community Center Strategic Plan

3/24/2016 City Parks Alliance Research, Conservation Corps, and Denny Park Improvement Plan

4/14/2016 Public Hearing for Change in Hours at Cowen and Ravenna Park, Community Engagement Policy, Art Placement Policy


6/9/2016  Tree Policy, Parks Maintenance, and Parks Inspection Program

6/23/2016 Asian Art Museum Expansion, SPU/Interbay Stadium Agreement, Seattle Park District

7/14/2016 Asset Management Work Order System, Encroachment Resolution Program

8/11/2016 COLA Presentation, Climate Change Presentation, and Contracts and Administration Audit Briefing

9/8/2016 Community Center Strategic Plan

9/22/2016 People, Dogs, Parks Strategic Plan Public Hearing

10/13/2016 CANCELED: Community Center Strategic Plan

10/27/2016 Seattle Asian Art Museum Expansion; Homelessness in Parks; Park District Communications and Public Engagement

11/10/2016 Public Health and Parks; Parks Development Plan and Gap Analysis

12/8/2016 People, Dogs, Parks Strategic Plan Study Session
















2015 Agendas & Minutes

Agendas Minutes


2/12/15 John C. Little Award Presentation and Community Center Strategic Plan Update

2/26/15 Urban Forestry Commission Discussion; Right of Way Manual Update; Public Outreach Strategy for Greenbelts and Natural Use Area Guidelines

3/12/15 Engaging Ethnic Communities; Comprehensive Plan Decision Agenda; Right of Way Manual Update


4/9/2015 Public Hearing: Cheasty Mountain Bike and Pedestrian Trail Pilot Project

4/16/2015 Public Hearing: Smoking Ban in Seattle Parks

4/23/2015 Study Session: Cheasty Mountain Bike and Pedestrian Trail Pilot Project

5/28/2015 Discussion and Possible Vote on Smoking Ban in Seattle Parks; Discussion and Possible Vote on Cheasty Mountain Bike and Pedestrian Trail PIlot Project

6/25/2015 Presentation on Seattle Aquarium Expansion Plan; Presentation and Hearing on Natural Areas & Greenbelts Supplemental Use Guidelines; Presentation on Synthetic Field Subsurface

7/23/2015 Discussion on the Natural Areas and Supplemental Use Guidelines; Update on Magnolia Manor Off-Leash Area

9/10/2015 Vote on Magnolia Manor; Green Seattle Partnership 10 year Update; Natural Areas and Greenbelts Supplemental Use Guidelines: Next Steps

9/24/2015 Presentation on what makes a great urban park system; review of Drones Policy; Proposed Sportcourt in Denny Park

10/8/2015 Presentation on what makes a great urban park system; Briefing on the Community Center Strategic Plan

10/22/2015 Presentation on what makes a great urban park system; Presentation on the Open Public Meeting Act; Update on the 2016 Budget

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