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Be Super Safe


Did You Know

impairmentAlmost half of all fatal collisions in Seattle involve impairment.

In the U.S., every 51 minutes, a person is killed in an alcohol-involved crash.

According to the National Highway Administration (NHTSA), impairment-involved collisions cost over $51 billion annually.

What We’re Doing

The Seattle Police Department’s DUI squad is conducting additional enforcements and working with SDOT and community partners to get the word out.

We’re launching education programs to reach out to areas of the city with high rates of impairment-involved collisions.

What You Can Do

Think ahead about how to get home if you’re going out and planning to drink – a designated driver, taxi, or public transit are all good options.

Talk to your friends and family. Not everyone knows that even a little bit of alcohol can affect your ability to safely drive – slowing reaction times and effecting coordination.

Think about travelling with a sober friend if walking or bicycling. Impairment is a factor for pedestrians and people on bikes too. If you’ve had too much to drink, leave your bike behind.