Watch Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, America's leading authority on creative placemaking projects, give the keynote address at Square Feet 2013.

Square Feet 2013
A discussion of cultural districts

November 18, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Office of Arts & Culture and 4Culture are proud to present a cultural space symposium focusing on cultural districts and placemaking in the 21st century

Divided into three sessions, this day-long moveable feast will examine the issues confronting the creation and support of cultural space and cultural districts in Seattle. To attend any of the sessions, please email or call (206) 733-9955.

  • Morning session moved to Lee Center for the Arts at 901 12th Avenue.
    Where we'll hear rapid-fire presentations from 25 artists, developers, and organizations currently working through space issues—their problems, their solutions and their needs.
  • Following this wash of data, we'll move to the Northwest Film Forum to hear a keynote address from Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, America's leading authority on creative placemaking projects and the author of the NEA's Creative Placemaking whitepaper.
  • In the afternoon, we finish at Velocity Dance Center with what we're calling the Large Foam Check Challenge—a $10,000 experiment to create a tool designed to address and solve a problem (as defined by attendees) in support of cultural space and cultural districts.

A Seattle cultural district would be an officially recognized area of concentrated cultural activity, where the city would apply an array of tools (such as zoning incentives, regulatory exemptions, right-of-way improvements, tax abatements, direct marketing support, asset preservation, and procedural streamlining) that would support and enhance an area's cultural activities. The district designation and accompanying toolbox could also be used to encourage cultural development in under-utilized areas of the city, or in areas undergoing rapid change.

We invite you to join us for this exciting day-long exploration and dialogue. We need you to join us. Only with the right mix of property developers, owners, funders, artists, arts organizations, and neighborhood and community organizers, will we get anything done.

We've got a whole new cultural space program.
Let's get some stuff done.