Matthew Richter
Cultural Space Liaison
(206) 733-9955

Cultural Space Agency

Cultural space is at the heart of every successful neighborhood in Seattle. Theaters, galleries, art-house cinemas, and museums are the traditional cultural spaces we can all picture, but there are also the music clubs, the coffeehouses and bars that hang art, the bookstores, and the relatively invisible artists' studios, rehearsal rooms, and offices. Our cultural spaces define the social character of our neighborhoods. They are the bricks-and-mortar portal to the creative vibrancy our city has to offer.

Unfortunately, the artists and groups that provide public benefit and create value in these spaces are all too often left powerless to control their futures. They lack agency.

The city's interest in cultural space is driven by these understandings. Its Cultural Space program is devoted to the following goals:

  • To support, strengthen, and expand cultural square footage in the city of Seattle.
  • To work with artists and arts organizations to strengthen their role in charting the future of their creative spaces.
  • To work with developers and builders to incorporate arts and culture into new projects.
  • To work with property owners to incentivize the preservation and expansion of arts and culture uses.

In short, we seek to give artists and arts organizations agency over their creative spaces. We are the Space Agency.