How many cultural square feet are there in Seattle?

How many feet of art gallery space?

How many theater seats are there in Seattle?

Do artists typically own their spaces or rent them?

In 2013 our office set out to find the answers to these questions and more. From the largest to the smallest, we are counting every theater, gallery, arts office, rehearsal room, library, music club, museum, and cinema in town. The results of this ongoing inventory are available through the city's open data portal.

Posted here you'll find several maps, charts, and graphs that we have created from the data we collected. We welcome you to explore the data and to share any interesting conclusions you've made from it. Feel free to email Matthew Richter with your feedback.

If you're an arts or cultural organization (either for-profit or nonprofit) with a permanent space please take part in the ongoing inventory.

If you're an individual artist with permanent workspace (even in your own home) please take part in the ongoing inventory.

Oh, and if you're curious, here are the answers to our questions above:

  • To date we've counted 4.8 million square feet of cultural space in Seattle.
  • To date we've counted 56,841 theater seats in Seattle.
  • To date we've counted 294,688 square feet of art galleries in Seattle.
  • Renters outnumber owners at a ratio of roughly 5-to-1.