Waterfront Seattle is the Pacific Northwest's largest civic project in a generation, a chance to reconnect Seattle to its waterfront and to re-center the city on Elliott Bay. Arts and culture will play a central role on the Waterfront, through permanent commissions, live arts and entertainment, and the creation of new cultural spaces for artistic production and presentation. Responding to the history of the site, its ecology, economy, and communities, the art program will help to create a sense of place on the renewed waterfront that will act as an invitation to residents and visitors alike.

A Working Plan for Art on the Central Seattle Waterfront was completed in fall 2012. The plan is rooted in a vision of the Seattle Waterfront's history as a port and a working waterfront. Its finger piers are traces of earlier port operations, still highly visible on Harbor Island to the south and shipping piers to the north. The port is a sign of Seattle's role as a connected, open, global city, exporting and importing raw materials, goods, software, ideas, and culture. Artists can bring new working life to the waterfront, and their works and projects can participate in the waterfront's economic and cultural exchanges. Artists working on permanent projects will be active in public forums and design conversations. And planning for future arts activities and institutions on the waterfront is a significant part of our work.