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Flying Colors

Barbara Noah
Through mid-April 2009

The mural Flying Colors is a photographic amalgamation of a soaring beanie hat flying into the Carina Nebula, which represents an expansive energy source—a galactic explosion—that leaves behind beautiful colors among the stars. The image, reproduced as a vinyl mesh mural 14 feet high and 100 feet long, provides commentary on alternative wind-driven energy by utilizing a photograph of a low-tech propeller hat ascending into improbable and transcendent heights.

"I chose this image as a flight of fancy, not to reflect the surroundings in a predictable or literal manner, but as a metaphor to emphasize the notion of here and there - from the everyday world to this wondrous place over our heads and so far away," states Noah.

The Union Street Electric Gallery is located on the western exterior wall of the Seattle City Light facility at Union Street and Western Avenue. Flying Colors is the last temporary artwork installation at the Union Street Electric Gallery site. Seattle City Light is currently looking for other locations to display murals.

Seattle City Light 1% for Art funds support this large-scale exhibition space. The artwork is designed to enhance the workplace of City Light employees.