ALL RISE is a series of performances and temporary art installations organized for a city block at the location of Seattle City Light's future Denny Substation in the Cascade neighborhood through spring, 2015. The project is commissioned with Seattle City Light 1% for Art funds administered by the Office of Arts & Culture | Seattle.

ALL RISE seeks to provide a platform to support and challenge artists; offer transcendent experiences and inspiration; and further the contemporary art dialogue of the region. Throughout these goals is an awareness of the place of the Cascade Neighborhood and an interest in engaging its past, present and future.


December 19, 2014 through April 15, 2015 ALL RISE is pleased to present PASSAGE, a commissioned site specific light sculpture by Seattle-based LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA.

PASSAGE is the first iteration of a new series of work for LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA. The light sculpture towers 50 feet high at the southwest corner of the 90,000 square foot ALL RISE site, placing the work visually against the downtown cityscape in one view and as an architectural harbinger upon one of the Seattle's most transform(ing) neighborhoods, Cascade, in another. In this positioning, the sculpture's single plane is a responsively simple and expansive gesture.

Installed at the darkest point of the year, PASSAGE also nods to the future of the ALL RISE campus, which will become Seattle City Light's Denny Substation in 2016.

NOW: Natalie Jenkins

ALL RISE is pleased to unveil a new installation at our Denny plinths. Natalie Jenkins' trans- is a site-specific installation that speaks to a transitional state between intention and permanency. The work mimics impending buildings, calling attention to their place within the cityscape. Says Jenkins, "These are structures in metamorphosis, incomplete and impermanent. They are potential; not-yet-space. We watch to see progression but look away, leaving them as an unseen thing. I am calling attention to what amounts then to a voided space."


This authorless work, stretched over the ALL RISE campus, is meant to evoke grand hall architecture and civic gatherings. Its lift is the rise in ALL RISE. Over 20,000 linear feet of pennant flags draw a rendering of not the site as it is, but the emotions and excitement that are potential here. Access a live view through our two webcam links here.

PREVIOUS: Karl Burkheimer, In Situ

In Situ, is an 1,800 square foot sculptural installation on view through August 24, 2014. The piece acknowledges and disrupts the ground plane, allowing attention to the natural (and man-made) grading of the site as it slopes nearly twelve feet from Denny to John Streets. The sophisticated design of the sculpture's under-bracing is made visible, while sheathing is left expressed in the materials off-the-shelf 4' x 8' sizing. This meeting of fine craft and functional essentialism is at the heart of Burkheimer's practice.

PREVIOUS: Rodrigo Valenzuela, Flatlands

Flatlands is an anonymous, grid-constructed landscape, as Valenzuela describes: "images that feel at the same time familiar yet distant." The work depicts a scene that invites (and also insinuates- in the unease of invisible construction) the human player into the frame. Viewers are encouraged to photograph themselves with the work. As the project develops, Valenzuela will gather both self-documented and crowd-sourced images, some of which he will reinstall on the same sitebuilding a progressive narrative that is often found in his practice. See "Here." Says Valenzuela:

I construct narratives, scenes and stories which point to the tensions found between the individual and communities. I utilize autobiographical threads to inform larger universal fields of experience. Gestures of alienation and displacement are both the aesthetic and subject of much of my work. I explore the way an image is inhabited, and the way that spaces and people are translated into images.

Flatlands will degrade with exposure in this public setting—a process that is embraced by the artist within the context of a changing site and neighborhood.

PREVIOUS: Jenene Nagy, offing

A new site-specific sculptural installation by artist Jenene Nagy, offing, is intended to call to mind an idealized horizon. The artist describe the horizon line as, "one with all the luminosity of a crystal clear sky and a boundless ceiling."

Nagy's practice often uses a vernacular of common building materials to create a link to the manmade environment while the gesture and movement of her forms simultaneously reference dynamic natural structures. Nagy's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including the Portland Art Museum, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Torrance Art Museum, Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin, Germany, and Dam Stuhltrager in NY, among others.


The ALL RISE curators invited Arne Pihl to create a poem for the project's inauguration. Pihl was asked to consider the history of the Cascade neighborhood as well as to look with aspiration toward the future of the place, both the very specific boundaries of the 90,000 square foot campus and the community that surrounds it. His poem begins with the glaciers that formed the land and attests to the shaping cultures, political and civic actions and struggles that have followed. The text is installed around the site in a series of eleven signs, one for each stanza. A particularly fitting line from the work "This is not a gentle poem," is displayed in reflective vinyl on four 12 feet long and eight feet tall plinths at Denny Way.

Arne Pihl is a poet, artist and carpenter. He has been on The Smoke Farm's planning committee since 2009 and a curator for the LoFi Arts Festival in 2011 and 2013. He was resident artist for MOHAI and Olson Kundig Architects' The Poet Is In project in 2012. His work has appeared in City Arts Magazine, on King County buses and on KUOW thanks to the Jack Straw Writer's Program. His book Montana was published by Spankstra Press.

By nature of its openness and transformation, the site, formerly a Greyhound bus garage, has become a stage that is watched, if even unknowingly. ALL RISE will work with this natural interest by delivering a series of artworks that unfold over the course of fourteen months and create a sense of wonder. In an effort to realize this, ALL RISE projects will be announced either at the time of installation or very near to their happening. The series will encompass the physicality of structural, sculptural and site-specific elements, counterpointed with performance, including a month of dance residencies, conversations and other time based works. The title ALL RISE invites viewers to participate in the unfolding of events from the ground up.

Seattle Weekly: Who Are the Mysterious Curators Behind the City's All Rise Project?

ALL RISE is pleased to be supporting, along with 4Culture, City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Cornish College of the Arts, and the Neddy at Cornish, the upcoming Robert E. "Ned" Behnke Annual Lecture: Guillermo Gómez-Peña Imaginary Activism: The Role of the Artist Beyond the Art World, a free performance on April 11, at The Frye Museum. ALL RISE is particularly involved in engaging Cascade community members to participate in a workshop "Exercises for Rebel Artists," facilitated by Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Michele Ceballos-Michot of La Pocha Nostra, April 12th. Contact ALL RISE for more information.

For real time happenings, please follow ALL RISE on social media.

Exhibitions and events are free and open to the public

Arne Pihl, All Rise, 2014. Located at 1250 Denny Way. Photo by Annie Holden.

Arne Pihl, All Rise, 2014. Located at 1250 Denny Way. Photo by Annie Holden.

Arne Pihl, All Rise, 2014. Located at 1250 Denny Way. Photo by Annie Holden.

Jenene Nagy, offing; 2014; 222' x 8' x 4'; printed industrial mesh tarp, paint. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

Jenene Nagy,offing; 2014; 222' x 8' x 4'; printed industrial mesh tarp, paint. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

Jenene Nagy, offing; 2014; 222' x 8' x 4'; printed industrial mesh tarp, paint. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

Karl Burkheimer, In Situ; 2014. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

Karl Burkheimer, In Situ; 2014. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

Rodrigo Valenzuela, Flatlands. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

Rodrigo Valenzuela, Flatlands. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

A Canopy. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

Natalie Jenkins, trans-. Located at 1250 Denny Way.

LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA, PASSAGE . Located at 1250 Denny Way.