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Enduring Clay: Four Decades of Collecting Ceramics by the city of Seattle and King County

Washington State Convention Center
January 26 - April 9

The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and 4Culture present ceramic artwork from their collections in the exhibition Enduring Clay: Four Decades of Collecting Ceramics by the city of Seattle and King County. The show is on view at the Washington State Convention Center, Jan. 26 through April 9, and is in conjunction with the National Council for Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) 46th annual conference.

Both the city of Seattle and King County have collected artwork for more than 40 years. Enduring Clay showcases a total of 43 artworks by 28 regional ceramic artists including Howard Kottler, Robert Sperry, Akio Takamori and Patti Warashina. This dynamic exhibition demonstrates the diversity of expressions in clay and the various techniques that continue to expand ceramics as a fine art medium.

Tiles and concave shallow bowls by Robert Sperry, highlight his innovative use of slips and glazes. The figurative constructions of Sperry's widow, Patti Warashina, showcase her love of the human form. Her masterful technique of building up clay while expressively painting on the surface gives her figures personality and character. Much like Warashina, Akio Takamori uses stoneware clay and underglaze to give his sleeping figures a life-like appearance.

Two artists from a later generation, Malia Jensen and Kinu Watanabe, each use clay, pillow-like shapes that are neither soft nor comforting in their hard, ceramic surfaces. While Watanabe creates intricate slip drawings on her shaped forms, Jensen's shiny, porcelain surface becomes almost mirror-like.

From delicately painted and finely built shapes to the rough and uneven surfaces of assembled constructions, the artworks in Enduring Clay demonstrate a sampling of the unique forms and variety of techniques in ceramic art.

Artists included in the exhibition:
Jenny Andersen, Clair Colquit, Baba Wague Diakite, Everett Dupen, Ellie Fernald, Margaret Ford, Jim Gale, Monad Elohim Graves, Lauren Grossman, Ann Hirondelle, Deborah Horrell, Kate and Will Jacobson, Malia Jensen, Howard Kottler, Julie Lindell, Michael Lucero, Joyce Moty, Richard Notkin, Lillian Pitt, Kirsty Robbins, Joellyn Rock, Glenda Scott, Patrick Siler, Robert Sperry, Akio Takamori, Patti Warashina and Kinu Watanabe.