Seattle Presents Gallery

Seattle Municipal Tower, at the corner of 5th Avenue and Columbia Street

Seattle Presents brings the city's cultural vibrancy to the Downtown core. Here the City will present a variety of immersive installations, curated exhibitions pulled from the City's Portable Works Collection, resident artists, and original artworks. Seattle is a city driven by creativity. This space will present both emerging and established artists and curators, and will attempt to provide all who pass by the opportunity to engage in diverse arts and cultural experiences.

Current Exhibition

Clyde Petersen: Empire Builder

Through November 15, 2014

The gallery will be open approximately nine hours per week, on a variable schedule, and always open on Thursdays from noon — 2 p.m. for "empire building consultations."

For the inaugural presentation at Seattle Presents, Seattle-based filmmaker, animator, and musician Clyde Petersen has created an installation, performance venue, and work space in the form of a castle. Over the course of the next month, Petersen will work on stop-motion animation projects in the space, and invite musicians in for performances.

Artist Statement:

Empire Building

Are you unhappy? Do you hate your job? Do you feel discomfort with your life?

Mick Jagger is wrong. You can always get what you want.

Empire Building might be just what you need.

Quit your job. It's holding you back.

Stand up tall.

Take pride in yourself.

You are a genius.

Get off Facebook.

Stop complaining.

Run your empire.

Clyde Petersen has made music videos for Kimya Dawson, Sean Nelson, Deerhoof, Laura Veirs, and many others. He is currently in production on his first feature film, the autobiographical Torrey Pines. His installation Boating with Clyde has been seen at Gallery 4Culture and Bumbershoot.