Claudia Fitch, b. 1952
Mannequin #3

Steel, urethane foam, flocking
32" x 19" x 10"

Seattle City Light Portable Works Collection

Claudia Fitch is a local sculptor who teases certain conventions by using a myriad of materials from steel and aluminum structures that are then flocked, to ceramic, to cast polyester resin with flocking. Fitch is constantly inventing imagery that is both playful and strange.

"Mannequin #3 is from a series of seven works, inspired by a 1970s flocked Styrofoam mannequin head for wig display that I found in a thrift store," says Fitch, "The mannequin was something that played into my interest in that broad range of cultural decorative motifs that are so extremely banal -- they invite attention to be subjects of art!"