Scott Fife, b. 1949
President Teddy Roosevelt

Archival cardboard, mixed media
22" x 26" x 20"

Seattle City Light Portable Works Collection

Scott Fife continues to amaze his audience with his unique style of sculpture constructed of archival cardboard. This bust of Teddy Roosevelt is one of the works from Fife's The Idaho Project. This narrative work consists of 20 Roman portrait style busts, including representations of Theodore Roosevelt, Clarence Darrow, and Eugene Debs. The Idaho Project relates to an early 20th century trial in Boise, Idaho, which dealt with labor unrest and attempts at union busting. This portrait of President Teddy Roosevelt is circa 1906-07, coinciding with the beginning of the trial of the Miner's Union Leader Bill Haywood and the President's push for nature conservation policies and National Parks in the West.

Fife states, "This piece is constructed to emphasize the energy and enthusiasm of Teddy's gritty grin, and his bold and aggressive physical nature, which are melded with the exposed process of the sculpture. The directness of both Roosevelt and the artwork demand simultaneous attention. The duality continues with the icon and the irony of a cardboard bust resting on its side."