Jaq Chartier, b. 1961
Lineage (11 New Colors)

Acrylic stains and paint on wood panel
11" x 15"

Seattle Public Utilities Portable Works Collection

Jaq Chartier's paintings explore scientific investigation through experimentation with paint and process. She says, "My work is driven by an innate curiosity about materials and process, combined with an interest in science... Currently I'm exploring the migration of water soluble inks, dyes, and chemical stains through layers of clear acrylic gels and various paints. While the piece is still wet, some of the stains melt and migrate upward into the over-layers in unpredictable ways, while others are buried or ghosted by what's painted on top... Having literally mixed up 11 new stain combinations, I made this piece to introduce the new colors and get an initial feel for their possibilities."