Paul Horiuchi, (1906-1999)
Blue of Antiquity

Collage on board
36" x 84"

Seattle City Light Portable Works Collection

Born in Yamanashi, Japan, Paul Horiuchi is renowned for the spontaneity of his Zen-like collage paintings, along with an abstract expressionist command of flat space. This work is typical of his layered paintings that carry overtones of fragmented messages, of memories eroded by time. He created several pieces of public art, including the Mural Amphitheater for the 1962 World's Fair at Seattle Center, and won numerous awards such as the Governor's Art Award, the Emperor of Japan's Award of Sacred Treasure of Fourth Class, and the Wing Luke Museum's Lifetime Achievement Award.

As Horiuchi declared, "I believe that the art of painting, and the painting itself, should convey a feeling of serene satisfaction and inner harmony."