James Washington, Jr., (1911 - 2000)
Bunny in Matrix

Stone and wood
53" x 13" x 17"

Seattle City Light Portable Works Collection

James W. Washington was born in Gloster, Miss., and moved to Bremerton, Wash. in 1944, where he worked as an electrician. Initially self-taught, he later painted with Mark Tobey and Yvonne Twining Humber. He met with Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros, both muralists and political activists, on a trip to Mexico in 1951. Here, he was exposed to carving in Teotihucan. This experience led him to sculpt in stone, defining an esteemed career lasting for many more decades. Chiseling symbols and animals into stone and highlighting areas with colored wax, Washington's artworks express his deeply held spiritual beliefs. This work is typical of Washington's bringing forth the animate from the inanimate and for finding "the spirit in the stone."