Jeffry Mitchell, b. 1958
Petit Nature Morte (Bunnies)

Hydrocal, plywood, wax, watercolor
47" x 24" x 17"

Seattle City Light Portable Works Collection

Sculptor, printmaker, painter and conceptual artist, Jeffry Mitchell references a wide spectrum of art history and decorative arts. Historically, the decorative arts have emphasized high craft, refined materials and absence of content. Mitchell, on the other hand, develops his high-concept ideas in low-brow materials. His approach to crafting is spontaneous, expressionistic and purposefully non-technical. Mitchell has used the clich'e and the trite as subject matter for many years, employing the use of butterflies and flowers.

According to Mitchell, other inspirations include his "love of the decorative impulse, the subtle horror of the innocuous, the ecstasy and terror of reproduction and multiples, the common appeal of the flower and its dumbfounding abstracted for both embraceable and monstrous-like excessiveness."