John Young
The Fin Project

Warren G. Magnuson Park
North loop trail below Sand Point (Kite Hill)
Sand Point Way NE and NE 65th Street

Gift to the city from a consortium of corporate, agency and private donors, including the U.S. Navy

Black whale fins appear to glide over a grassy area overlooking Lake Washington. However, upon closer inspection this large pod of Orca whales is actually a grouping of 22 decommissioned diving plane fins from 1960's U.S. Navy attack submarines installed as an artwork by artist John Young.

The fins, each weighing 10,000 pounds, are placed at various angles and heights effectively creating a dynamic sense of movement, turning the earth at Magnuson Park into a substitute body of water.

The work is a testament not only to the power of ecologically sound practices but also a statement regarding the transformation of the implements of war into the beauty of art. Additionally, as the artist points out, the artwork "represents a significant amount of the national deficit being returned to the people for their enjoyment and appreciation."