Luke Blackstone

Park 90/5
2203 Airport Way

Fleets and Facilities

Luke Blackstone's Copper features a recycled bronze cylinder supported by four 18-foot-high aluminum columns. The structure is capped by an array of solar panels that provide power to three metal mechanisms. When the sun shines, the mechanisms strike the central cylinder in a regular rhythm meant to simulate the sound of a heartbeat. At night, a series of red LED lights illuminate the artwork. As an allusion to the nearby Seattle Police Department forensic facilities, the lights are mounted inside glass laboratory bottles affixed within each leg of the piece.

The artwork references the themes of sustainability and police work, representing the value of truth and understanding in the maintenance of all natural and social systems. Copper's rhythmic sound and softly glowing lights create a meditative environment where one can rest and reflect upon the importance of preservation and protection, values common to both ecosystems and systems of justice.