Paul Sorey
Coffee Pot Pergola

30th Avenue N.E., in front of Cranium's Café, Lake City

Seattle Department of Transportation 1% for Art, additional funding provided by Frontier Bank, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Neighborhood Matching Fund, Greater Lake City Community Council and others from the Lake City community.

"Let's have coffee. Let's have tea." Deceptively simple, yet full of meaning, the act of meeting over a warm cup has the undeniable power to bring people together, encouraging a sense of community. Artist Paul Sorey, inspired by this idea, worked with elementary school children, parents, business owners and ESL students from the Lake City community to write these sincere requests in more than 10 languages. The requests were then reproduced in stainless steel and inlaid in the flagstone pavers on the ground surrounding Coffee Pot Pergola.

The pergola itself is formed from three 12-foot-tall, stainless steel organic forms which seem to grow out of the pavement. Their coiling ends meet in the center supporting a glass sphere. Considered separately, the metalwork forms graceful figures reminiscent of the curling vines and curving trees that grow in the nearby tributaries of Thornton Creek. When viewed together, each element becomes part of a three-dimensional coffee pot, a whimsical counterpoint to the busy café across the street.

Sorey appreciated the "rich palette of social, historical and environmental elements in Lake City," which "provided many ideas to work with in creating the artwork." The Coffee Pot Pergola's inviting, open structure and inclusion of seating encourages people to come together, promoting the idea of camaraderie and togetherness within the community.