Richard Spaulding
Homage in Green

Volunteer Park Conservatory at Volunteer Park
1247 15th Avenue East

Gift to the city of Seattle

Emerald green stained glass etched with intricate floral designs arches across the canopy of the Volunteer Park Conservatory's entryway, a late-century artistic addition to the 1912 building. Created by Richard Spaulding in Germany, the rectangular jewel-toned piece features a garland of convolvuluses stretched across its center flanked by sprays of lilies and passion flowers. Around its border, painted and etched panels form a primer on ornamental botanical designs throughout 300 years of English and American decorative arts history. These blossom and leaf patterns reflect the Victorian period's great interest in the symbolic meaning of flowers and plants while the grid-like framework supporting the canopy blends well with the intricate geometry of the early 20th century hothouse, adding to the character of the building without overpowering its historical aesthetic.