Timothy Siciliano
Circus Ring Plaza

Center House South Entry Plaza

Seattle Center Levy 1% for Art funds and construction funds

Building on the themes of entertainment and spectacle, artist Timothy Siciliano's Circus Ring Plaza welcomes visitors to Seattle Center's Center House, a building known as the Food Circus during the 1962 World's Fair. Above the entryway, two 20-foot-tall wall sconces take the shape of acrobats. Each sconce features a pair of performers poised one atop the other, the duo on the right standing hand-to-hand, the other foot-to-foot. To add to their daring positions, the colorful entertainers on the right also balance upon a tilted chair while those on the left keep steady on a ball. The concrete ground below the entry porch contains a two-dimensional, checkered "circus ring" as well as a red carpet that invites guests into the building.

Siciliano states: "My inspiration for [the piece] came from the traveling circus historically sited on the Denny Land tract, which now contains Seattle Center, and the fact that entertainment for children of all ages continues today in Key Arena. Acrobats [are] metaphors for the trickster in all of us."