Timothy Siciliano
Acrobat Constellation

East side of Key Arena at the terminus of Harrison arcade on the southwestern edge of the International Fountain area

Seattle Center Levy 1% for Art funds and Construction Funds

Poised atop blue spirals, the multicolored performers of Acrobat Constellation form the energetic finials of three bright blue poles. The trio of poles by artist Timothy Siciliano is suggestive of wayfinding markers traditionally placed at crossroads with the hands and feet of the performers pointing out possible directions for a journey through the Center. At night, fiber optics light up star shapes on the acrobats' costumes producing a soft twinkling that whimsically highlights their lively forms.

Siciliano states: "My inspiration for [the piece] came from the traveling circus historically sited on the Denny Land tract, which now contains Seattle Center, and the fact that entertainment for children of all ages continues today in Key Arena. Acrobats [are] metaphors for the trickster in all of us."