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Leni Schwendinger
Dreaming in Color

Kreielsheimer Promenade, between Phelps Center and McCaw Hall on Seattle Center Campus

Seattle Center 1% for Art

Dreaming in Color by Leni Schwendinger consists of programmed lighting projected onto and through nine large-scale metal mesh scrims that frame the promenade between Phelps Center and McCaw Hall. Using a computer-controlled system, the five programmed light sequences cycle through slowly changing color to reflect various moods.

With Dreaming in Color, Schwendinger builds upon Color Field painting and color theory explorations, which emerged among painters in the 1950s, and expands on the concept with the aid of new materials and technology. Each translucent color field is created through the angled mesh of each scrim which affects the way the light is reflected and projected to the viewer. From afar, each scrim is a bright wash of color, but as the viewer walks toward and eventually beneath each scrim, the color slowly vanishes from sight. The intensity of color is also affected by how many scrims are seen by the viewer from his or her position - a greater number of scrims increase the intensity of color. The result of all of the different elements in Dreaming in Color, is an interactive piece that constantly changes with the passage of time and visitors' numerous vantage points.