Vicki Scuri
Play Ray Plaza

East/West plaza at Key Arena
Seattle Center

Seattle Center Coliseum Renovation 1% for Art and construction funds

The artist created a radiating diamond pattern of red, gold and black, integrally-colored concrete with inset stainless steel screed marking meridians. The design is echoed in the gold concrete of the east stairs and the checkerboard patterns of the east and west lobby entrances.

"Play Ray Plaza merges the radial geometry of the arena with the site's terrain, creating undulating red and gold diamond patterns, marked by converging black rays and a checker-board entry. The resulting geometry plays with pattern perception while creating a welcoming gesture to KeyArena and the Seattle Center. The plaza image suggests the radial archetype of the KeyArena geometry as well as a game board, harlequin pattern, spaceship landing pad and more. It conveys a theatrical atmosphere for sports events, rock concerts and spectacles of all sorts."