Doris Chase
Moon Gates

Broad Street Green Sculpture Garden

Gift to the city of Seattle

Moon Gates by Doris Chase is an abstract group of three bronze sculptures that plays with oppositions inspired by space and form. Two sculptures with convex surfaces, one rhomboid and one ovoid, are each pierced by a circular hole. The concave surface of the third sculpture also contains a round void at its center, but its missing piece can be found attached to the top of the sculpture on a bearing that allows it to rotate. The juxtaposition of positive and negative spaces with circular and rectangular forms creates a dynamism that stimulates the mind and invites the viewer to sit, stand and play among the forms.

According to Chase: "Moon Gates offers interior-exterior experiences and the opportunity to interact on many levels: physically, visually and spiritually...My basic concern for this public installation is the joyous relationship between spaces, form and human interaction and that the composition offers both a symbol of place and a unique area for creative play."