Stephen Antonakos
Neon for the Bagley Wright Theater

Bagley Wright Theater facade

Seattle Center Bond, Seattle Arts Commission 1% for Art funds

Artist Stephen Antonakos' red neon arabesques, dashed lines and right angles seem to float across the top of the Bagley Wright Theatre. Their lively geometry acts as an effective counterpoint to the formal symmetry of the building's façade—a front elevation punctuated by a large rectangular window and a series of green bands ranging in hue from pale sage at the bottom to bright apple at the top. Deep burgundy joints delineate each shift in shade with the complementary color creating a subtle foil to the green façade, a contrast emphasized by the cherry red glow of the neon. The medium itself also plays with the stylized patterns formed from neon tubing used on the old fashioned marquees of Broadway theaters—a design choice that evokes the rich tradition of the American stage.