Alexander Liberman
Olympic Iliad, 1984
Gloria Bornstein
Neototem's Children's Garden, 2002
Sarah Sze
An Equal and Opposite Reaction, 2005
Leni Schwendinger
Dreaming in Color, 2001
Paul Horiuchi
Seattle Mural, 1962
Timothy Siciliano
Acrobat Constellation, 1995
Timothy Siciliano
Circus Ring Plaza, 1995
Ronald Bladen
Black Lightning, 1981
Kelly McLain
Migrare, 1995
Everett Dupen with Paul Thiry
Fountain of Creation, 1962
Doug Taylor
Birdsong Listening Station, 2008
Stephen Antonakos
Neon for the Bagley Wright Theater, 1983
Rick L. Williams
John T. Williams Honor Totem Pole, 2012
Tony Smith
Moses, 1975
Gerard Tsutakawa
Fountain of Seseragi, 2000
Kobe Bell, 1962
Doris Chase
Moon Gates, 1999
Duane Pasco with Victor Mowatt and Earl Muldon
Seattle Center Totem, 1970
Gloria Bornstein
Neototems, 1995
Vicki Scuri
Play Ray Plaza, 1995
Horace Washington
Untiltled, 1995
James FitzGerald
Fountain Of The Northwest, 1995
Ned Kahn
Encircled Stream, 1995

Fisher Pavilion

Opened in 2002, the Fisher Pavilion on the Seattle Center campus provides 14,000 square feet of indoor space to accommodate the many festivals and performances that take place here every year. This building replaced the rapidly deteriorating Flag Pavilion, originally designed to be a temporary structure for the 1962 World's Fair. Artist Deborah Mersky created both an indoor and outdoor piece for the Pavilion utilizing botanical imagery to represent themes of diversity and unity.
Deborah Mersky
Twine and Branch, 2002
Deborah Mersky
Biography of a Branch, 2002