Kelly McLain

Seattle Children's Museum, exterior entrance and interior wall
305 Harrison St.

Commissioned by the Seattle Arts Commission with the Seattle Children's Museum 1% for Art funds

Twelve colorful cast glass bird heads invite visitors to the Seattle Children's Museum to interact playfully with their intriguing surfaces and compelling shapes. Artist Kelly McLain designed the bird heads-each species a regular visitor to the Northwest as they follow migratory paths-to appeal to the eyes, hands and minds of the museum's audience. Located adjacent to the entrance and on an interior wall, the birds link the inside and outside environments while indicating the types of creative explorations available within the museum.

McLain explains: "The term migration is derived from the Latin word Migrare (migrare) to go from one place to another, similar to the growth and development of a child with all their imaginative wanderings and explorations?My intent is to draw attention to the beautiful birds with exotic colors, forms and textures that enrich our daily lives. The biggest thrill for me was working for an audience of children. The Children's Museum staff was instrumental in teaching me to not 'talk down' to the kids visually. I wanted to use content, texture, color and composition to entice the young viewers to touch and explore the work. The piece should not only educate, but also arouse curiosity and imagination."