Gerard Tsutakawa
Fountain of Seseragi

South side of the Intiman Playhouse facing the International Fountain

Gift to the city of Seattle

"Seseragi" is a Japanese word meaning the sound of rushing water in a shallow stream, a term aptly applied to the water running through the narrow bronze basin of the Fountain of Seseragi by Gerard Tsutakawa. The dark patinated metal of the fountain curves gently upward from its trapezoidal base forming two symmetrical arms with scalloped edges. Inside each arm, water cascades down a series of tiered ledges and creates two gently cascading falls that meet in the center of a calmly rippling pool. Tsutakawa employs the symmetry and repetition of the fountain's elements to create a sense of balance and stability. With the burbling of the falling water, the fountain promotes reflection and tranquility.

According to the artist: "Many of my abstract designs come from inspirations in nature such as mountains, landscapes and creatures. My interpretations are not literal or representational. I see the patterns and rhythms of the visual world and enjoy letting the viewer create their own interpretations of how they see my works. I also enjoy thematically incorporating celestial phenomena, the human spirit, and subtle humor into my sculptures."