Diane Katsiaficas

East Police Precinct Lobby
1519 12th Ave. E.

Seattle Police Precincts Bond Issue 1% for Art funds

Ceramic artist Diane Katsiaficas designed the artwork for the East Police Precinct Lobby creating a mixed media environment referencing the diverse Capitol Hill neighborhood where the station is located. Textured wall and floor mosaics composed of hundreds of glazed ceramic "people" fill a free-form design that cuts through the basic grid pattern of the precinct's tile floor. Framing the large front window are two walls on which mosaics of figures have been arranged in a ray-like pattern on the south wall, and along the basic outline of a house on the north wall. Below the window runs a curved bench backed by colorfully edged wooden cutouts of nearby buildings and houses, forming a Capitol Hill skyline. A set of stairs near the wall references a front stoop and adds to the sense of community the space evokes.

Katsiaficas invited fellow ceramic artists Margi Beyer and Maggie Smith to partner on the project. The team also worked in partnership with local students from University Heights Elementary School and Sharples Alternative High School who helped create the myriad of ceramic figures. This spirit of collaboration works well with the themes of cooperation and relationship-building inherent in the piece, qualities that remind visitors of the important function the local police play in their neighborhood on a daily basis.