North Police Precinct
Paul Marioni
Khadi, 1984
East Police Precinct
Diane Katsiaficas
Neighbors, 1986
South Police Precinct
Liza Halvorsen
Salmon, 1983
Fire Station 39
Stephen Glassman
Thornton Creek, 2010
Seattle Fire Dept Headquarters
Tom Askman
Firefighter Silhouette, 1987

Southwest Police Precinct

Working on a design team with Arai Jackson Architects, Kay Kirkpatrick produced several integrated artworks that comprise Looking at a Watershed and create a sense of place throughout the Southwest Police Precinct building in the Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle. The artworks in the station reference the surrounding Longfellow Creek Watershed and attempt to create the same sense of sanctuary and peace for both police officers and citizens.
Kay Kirkpatrick
Streambed Memories, 2003
Kay Kirkpatrick
Waterprints, 2003
Kay Kirkpatrick
Dream Forest, 2003
Kay Kirkpatrick
Sanctuary Grove, 2003

Fire Station 10, Emergency Operations Center and Fire Alarm Center

The facility opened in 2008 and houses the Seattle Police Department Emergency Operations Center, the Fire Alarm Center and Fire Station 10. Fire Station 10 is located at 400 S. Washington St. It includes three artworks. Gloria Bornstein's Sentinels, red steel sculptures of various heights and shapes, on South Washington Street. The figures resemble guardians of the community with forms inspired by firefighters and Asian design elements. Stuart Nakamura's Call and Response greets staff and visitors to the fire station. The sculptural installation reflects the station's legacy and the importance of water as a symbol of life and rescue. The artwork, bamboo, luminous, by artists Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew, is a glowing stand of resin "bamboo" shoots that marks the Fifth Avenue entry to the Emergency Operations Center. Bamboo symbolizes grace, enlightenment, strength and the ability to adapt - qualities the artists saw in the immigrant residents of the International District.
Nancy Chew and Jacqueline Metz, MuseAtelier
bamboo, luminous, 2008
Stuart Nakamura
Call and Response, 2008
Gloria Bornstein
Sentinels, 2008

West Police Precinct and 911 Communication Center

Artist Elizabeth Conner and her design team created a series of integrated artworks for the West Police Precinct concentrating on themes of the building's public safety function. Several of the works incorporate the idea of commemoration using real objects and images to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of both Seattle police officers and the important contributions of their civilian support staff. The concepts of light and time speak to the facility's focus on safety and vigilance and serve as inspiration for many of the details included in the pieces.
Elizabeth Conner and Design Team
24-Hour Street Grid, 1999
Elizabeth Conner and Design Team
Plaza Seat Cubes, 1999
Elizabeth Conner and Design Team
Lockers (lobby), 1999
Elizabeth Conner and Design Team
Lockers (hallway), 1999
Elizabeth Conner and Design Team
911 "History Wall", 1999
Elizabeth Conner and Design Team
911 Benches, 1999