Dan Corson
Rain Drum Court

Cedar River Watershed
19901 Cedar Falls Road S.E., North Bend, Wash.

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art

The Cedar River Watershed Education Center's Rain Drum Court uses the natural resource that feeds the watershed, rain, to activate the artwork. The exterior court encircled by vine maples includes 21 painted drums, representative of different cultures, and a few scattered artifacts from towns that once were located inside the watershed boundaries. During rainfall, the water collects on the maples' leaves and drips to sound the rain drums. When it is dry, a computer activates nozzles that drip water in pre-programmed rhythms of various cultures, including Native American, African-American and Balinese. At other times, the dripping water mimics the sound of rainfall. The artwork reinforces the mission of SPU's Watershed Education Center, which is to educate youth and adults alike about the environmental and cultural history of the Cedar River Watershed.