Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner

Seattle Municipal Tower
700 5th Ave., 32nd Floor

Seattle City Light 1% for Art funds

Artists Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner created a shimmering wall of fused glass for the 32nd floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower, the main reception area for Seattle City Light's offices. Resembling the misty base of a waterfall, thousands of clear glass beads drip down the lobby's west wall. Darker beads punctuate the surface before reaching the terrazzo floor where painterly swirls of light blue darkening to cobalt and navy surge through the reception area. Highlighted by iridescent white and sky-colored chips, the "river" runs the length of the lobby floor, its sparkling surface animating the space. The theme is continued on the glass front of the reception desk where a second, smaller cascade glistens, welcoming visitors to the office and enhancing the workspace of City Light employees.

According to the artists: "Water, the substance upon which life is based, changes its form from solid ice to liquid water to vapor. Man puts water to work to create power and to sustain plants and animals. The water evaporates, clouds form overhead, it rains, and the cycle continues. CASCADES is a narrative artwork specifically designed to remind the viewer of our source of hydroelectric energy. The title refers to both waterfalls and the Cascade Mountains watershed."