Marvin Oliver
A Salish Welcome

Salmon Bay Natural Area
3419 N.W. 54th St.

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art funds and Department of Neighborhoods Neighborhood Matching Funds.

Oliver's A Salish Welcome is a 16-foot-tall free-standing sculpture located at the Salmon Bay Natural Area's gathering and viewing area. The cast bronze figure is draped in a Salish ceremonial robe and holds a four-feet-in-diameter aluminum disk with two laser-cut, powder-coated adult salmon circling four glass salmon eggs. The sculpture's base is clad with steel plates that feature laser-cut imagery of mature salmon facing upstream from Salmon Bay and salmon fry pointing towards Puget Sound.

The artist states, "A Salish Welcome honors the local Salish people and celebrates the abundant and vital life on this ecological waterway. The monumental Salish figure in ceremonial robe greets us and reminds us to preserve, protect and promote this evolving, living landscape for new generations and man alike."