Max Keene

Operations Control Center
2700 Airport Way S.

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art funds

Artist Max Keene created Flow, a pair of light-based interactive installations mounted on the ceiling of two employee break room areas in the Seattle Public Utilities' (SPU) Operations Control Center. On the first floor, two parallel copper tubes shaped into a wave-like succession of undulations support a series of modules. These modules, composed of an array of LEDs set behind sheets of curving blue glass, slowly react to changes of ambient illumination and the movement of people within the break room by displaying slowly shifting patterns of azure tinged light. On the second floor, Keene mounted similar modules of LEDs and frosted glass panels on arched copper tubes. These panels glow and fade in shades of yellow, red and green in response to the movement of people below.

Keene states: "Flow is an artwork that is intended to reference the flow of water, energy, information and people. Evolving patterns of light tracing movement and energy mirror Seattle Public Utilities' charge of building and maintaining infrastructure to facilitate the city's flow of clean water. Shifting, flowing, aqueous light suggests a theme of flowing water in a clean environment, which is made possible in part by SPU's removal of wastewater and solid waste from our communities. The artwork's pace and mood is meditative and ever-changing and designed to integrate peacefully within the Operation Control Center's employee break areas."