Lydia Aldredge with Peggy Gaynor, Kate Wade
Meadowbrook Pond Reflective Refuge

Meadowbrook Pond
35th Avenue Northeast and Northeast107th Street

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art funds, Seattle Public Utilities construction funds

Meadowbrook Reflective Refuge is a stormwater detention pond transformed into a sensory environment. In addition to providing flood control and water quality enhancement, the refuge serves as a wildlife habitat. Artists Lydia Aldredge and Kate Wade collaborated with Peggy Gaynor to transform this key Seattle Public Utilities facility into a tranquil environment designed to educate visitors while providing a retreat from the surrounding city.

Sculpted earth beams, a winding mosaic pathway and steel architectural elements work together to enhance the space, drawing attention to the changing seasons, light and weather while evoking different moods, textures and colors. Particular attention is given to the sights and sounds of water, the refuge's central element. Visitors are encouraged to use their senses in order to enhance their experience of the site's natural beauty. A wood and metal information kiosk located at the entrance to the refuge shelters a porcelain map and display case that explains the purpose of the pond and describes the artistic enhancements that the artists have incorporated into the site. A terrazzo map of the surrounding watershed is also incorporated into the shelter's floor.