Tom Jay
Stream Echo, 1999
Ted Jonsson
Chimera, 1975
Buster Simpson
Beckoning Cistern, 2002
Merrily Tompkins
Big Tesla, 2002
Douglas Hollis
Waterworks, 2005
Perri Lynch
Straight Shot, 2007
Lorna Jordan
Dragonfly Garden, 2006
Artist Team
Untitled, 1979
Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner
Jeffry Mitchell
Ballard Sculpture Garden, 1995
Conductive Paths
Claudia Fitch, 2000
Max Keene
Flow, 2007
Dan Corson
Wave, Rave, Cave, 2002
Barbara Noah
Forms of Power, 1986
Carolyn Law
Broad Street City Light Facility, 1985
Marvin Oliver
A Salish Welcome, 2010
Ann Sperry
Seattle Garden, 1988
Barry Harem
Upstream, 2011

Meadowbrook Pond

Artists Lydia Aldredge and Kate Wade collaborated with Peggy Gaynor to transform this key Seattle Public Utilities facility into a tranquil environment designed to educate visitors while providing a retreat from the surrounding city.
Lydia Aldredge with Peggy Gaynor, Kate Wade
Meadowbrook Pond Reflective Refuge, 1998
Lydia Aldredge
Meadowbrook Pond Reflective Refuge Information Kiosk, 2003

Cedar River Watershed

Dan Corson worked with the design team of Jones and Jones Architects to integrate art into the Cedar River Watershed Education Center. Corson's artworks reflect the Cedar River Watershed's natural environment and also make use of water, of which Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is a primary steward.

The destination interpretive facility educates visitors on the function, ecology and importance of the Cedar River Watershed, which is managed by SPU and is the principal source of drinking water for the Seattle metropolitan area
Dan Corson
Snaking Root Ceiling, 2001
Dan Corson
Dendritic Root Floor, 2001
Dan Corson
Rain Drum Court, 2001

Hatch Covers

Below Seattle's streets lies an extensive infrastructure of conveyance pipes designed to keep the city running smoothly. Typically, these entryways were covered with serviceable but battered hatch covers which kept pedestrians and vehicles safely above ground.

In the early 1970's, when the time came to replace older covers, rather than simply exchanging them with nondescript replacements, the City of Seattle commissioned three artists to design creative works of art inspired by the beautiful hatch covers found in Florence, Italy. The work proved to be so popular among area residents that the program was revived in 2000.
Anne Knight
Untitled, 1975
Nathan Jackson
Untitled, 1976
Garth Edwards
Untitled, 1987
Betsy Best-Spadaro
Water Ring, 2001
Barbara Earl Thomas
Raven Shouts Water, 2001
Nancy Blum
City Light, City Bright, 2001

Seattle City Light South Service Center and Apprentice Training Center

Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner
Water=Energy, 1999
Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner
Energy=Water, 1999